The NHS Needs Politicians Who Truly Fight For It

We have only one political hope to save our NHS over the coming months and that is that all opposition parties constantly bombard this government with facts, figures, staff and patient testimonials, and whatever else they can find to make it clear that the British public want to keep their Free NHS and do not want it run down, broken up, and sold off to private financiers (well, I say ‘all’ opposition parties, but that would be except for UKIP, whose leader has declared that he wants to see a privatised NHS).

I say this because Theresa May refuses to listen to us, the tax and insurance-paying general public, when we express our fears about OUR public health service.

She brushes off statements from a well-respected charity, the Red Cross, and accuses them of overstating their case. That is, the case that is based on the experience of Red Cross volunteers all over the country.


This meme, posted on Twitter by Rachel Swindon, sums up the sheer audacity of May and her Tory government in their refusal to listen, and it speaks of the fear many of us have that she just will not listen…ever…

We can march; we can protest; we can hold street theatres; we can buy downloadable NHS singles; we can write to our MPs, write to our councillors, share our experiences of and fears for our NHS all over the internet and in letters to our local papers…
There are many things we can do to let our fears for our NHS be known, and we should.

But we need help from our politicians – those with a social conscience anyway (so hopefully that includes Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens, Independent…). We need them fighting to save our NHS in ways that the general public are unable to do.

And we need those MPs to keep on with that fight until May and her Government open their eyes and unblock their ears and acknowledge that their way of treating the NHS is not the correct way; that they must change track and put more money into the NHS – loads more, and that they need to bring in legislation which halts the sell off of the NHS to private companies who are bleeding us dry.

And if that fight for opposition MPs seems a little hard to achieve and any of them appear to waver, maybe they should realise that saving the NHS is a vote winner. In other words, unless they work hard on behalf of our NHS, in ways which save and enrich it, rather than deliberately disband it, we will know and we will respond accordingly at the ballot box.

Considering that a General Election could be on the cards in the near future I am hoping that most of those opposition MPs will realise that they need our appreciation.


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